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Raymond van der Velden.

About me

Graduated in 2019 with my theses on how to improve servering craft beers using technology. Graded A+ or 10/10. Followed and achieved additional honours program in Creative media and game technologies.

I am currently a full-stack developer at Notive. Im 25 years of age. Pictures or video on this site might be outdated ;) 

Allround creative technologist & programmer.

Stuff I like: 

  • Cryptocurrency and smart contracts
  • Electrical transportation
  • Programming
  • Motorcycles
  • Presenting
  • Craft beer
  • Crossfit or gym

Tech experiences.

  • Smart contracts Solidity
  • Django Python
  • Symfony PHP
  • Unit testing
  • Linux. Windows
  • Typescript
  • Wordpress
  • Basic SEO. Photoshop. CSS. Video editing. etc

Work experiences.

  • Currently full-stack developer at
  • Caiway as technical support. A dutch internet and television provider.
  • Game Point as junior linux system supervisor.
  • Dutch ministry of finance and public health as IT support worker.
  • Student aan Huis as student. An job where you get to go to people's houses and do anything IT or electronica related including configuration, repairing, or teaching lessons.
  • Hogeschool rotterdam as teacher support.
  • Oestercompagnie as Web developer. Sysadmin. Marketing. Everything else IT related allrounder.
  • Crypto startup as Smart contract programmer and marketing.
  • Internship in Australlia at Dara.
  • 2 week Shanghai design coorperation with Donghua university.